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Little Notes is the ultimate reminder app leveraging the WhatsApp platform, offering programable reminders and daily inspirational quotes to keep you ahead.

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At LittleNotes, we believe in the power of small reminders to make a big impact on your daily life. Our innovative platform integrates seamlessly with WhatsApp, delivering personalized notifications that serve as daily reminders and confidence boosters.

Flexible Scheduling

Adjust your notification schedule to fit your ever-changing routine. Whether you have a busy day ahead or a relaxing weekend planned.

Seamless WhatsApp Integration

Enjoy the convenience of receiving your daily reminders and confidence-boosting messages directly within WhatsApp.

Take care of your family

LittleNotes has you covered if you need to remind something to your loved ones with easy steps.


The convenience of receiving everything through WhatsApp is unbeatable.

Stay Organized Effortlessly

Whether it's a reminder to take a moment for self-care, a pep talk before a big meeting, or a dose of encouragement during challenging times, LittleNotes is here to support you every step of the way.

Inspire Success Daily

Receive gentle reminders, motivational quotes, and self-affirmations directly to your WhatsApp inbox, empowering you to stay focused, inspired, and confident throughout your day.

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  • 1 WhatsApp Number
  • 50 scheduled messages
  • Daily motivational quotes
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Frequently Asked Questions

You just need to selec the plan that most fits you and proceed with the payment.
Unfortunatelly no. As a startup, we can not offer free plans at this time. We need to cover operational costs to ensure sustainable growth, and continuously improve our platform to deliver the best possible service to our customers.
Sure, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. But we'll miss you, and you will miss us.
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